About Karla

Karla Saxton, General Manager & Wine Broker

 What do you do for your job? “I sling wine…more importantly, I help people feel comfortable with their selections by giving them knowledge about the wine.” What do you like most about your job? “Sharing stories of the wineries or the little tidbits that make the wine different.” What do you wish the general public understood about what you do? “Well people seem to think that just because the shop is located in a Cadillac dealership, it means we only sell to Cadillac owners. Not true! We have helicopter tours stopping by for tastings, wine dinners, and educational happy hours – AND we have retail prices at or below what you’d see in your local grocery or liquor store. Because I am so passionate about this place, wine, and what I do, I’d really love for people to know that I am THE local wine shop they have wanted all their lives!” (Photo cred: Texas Environmental Portrait Series)